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Creating cutting-edge digital financial solutions for cryptocurrencies.
VISA debit card, real-time payment mechanism, wallet-to-wallet exchange and much more.


Simple and powerful tools to make it easier for businesses to accept cryptocurrencies.

Open a new world of opportunities by integrating crypto-payments in your business. Our tools are designed to work with your mobile phone, computer or tablet. Easily accept any cryptocurrency with our Merchant Portal and exchange them in a simple way. Our platform also allows you to create customized promotions for your clients that use crypto.

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Digital financial services for crypto assets, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Store, exchange and pay using a single mobile wallet. Our wallet integrates different functions that allow you to store various types of coins (BTC, XLM, ETH, XLR, BCH, LTC), exchange them using the integrated functionality and pay with them in the simplest way. Plus, the CRYPTO LAPO (CL) CARD, a global VISA debit card for daily use, will be connected to your wallet.
CRYPTO LAPO (CL) CARD & WALLET vision is to create a flexible solution between traditional banking and the crypto-financial world.

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LAPO Utility Token (LAX)

The key to the LAPO's world.

LAX is the native token that enables you to use all the LAPO ecosystem tools and allows you to interact with the LAPO Network Protocol. Additionally, the platform will benefit from easy integration points for partners and businesses allowing seamless interaction with an exchange. All the actions triggered in the LAPO Protocol (transactions, KYC request, etc.) will be paid in LAX.

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Introducing LAPOX

We are building a global cryptocurrency that captures, stores and preserves value.

LAPOX is the codename of a less volatile cryptocurrency supported by AI and pegged to gold. LAPOX is designed to allow you to make the most of the cryptocurrency world without worrying about price volatility. The stability mechanism is supported by an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to protect the stakeholders in times of excessive volatility. Thanks to this mechanism and the underlying pegged asset, LAPOX will be able to capture, store and preserve value. The LAPO Coin (LAX), is the token that provides the right to hold and use LAPOX.

LAPOX White paper is coming soon!