Accept, exchange and make the most of cryptos with our simple and powerful tools

LAPO Merchant Portal

The simplest crypto-payment solution.

The Merchant Portal is a multi-tasking wallet for businesses to easily and securely manage cryptocurrencies. It could be used on any modern device (mobile phone, computer or tablet). The Merchant Portal is designed to ensure maximum security while having an easy-to-use structure with integrated tools for supporting common business transactions and reports.

Online crypto payment. Integrate crypto-payments in your website, app, and in a wide range of products and protocols (Magento, Prestashop, etc.).

On-site crypto payment. Accept cryptocurrencies in your physical store with a simple touch between devices or by scanning a QR code.

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LAPO eFinance

Digital financial services for crypto assets.

We take cryptos to another level by offering a wide range of digital financial services such as Debit Card, loans, exchange and more. Request LAPO Payeah!, our stylish Debit Card ready to use in shops worldwide, apply for loans with cryptocurrencies as collateral or exchange real-time different cryptocurrencies using our decentralized “wallet-to-wallet” exchange platform (LAPO DEX).



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LAPO Direct Marketing

The tool to engage with crypto-customers.

The LAPO Direct Marketing platform provides to the Merchant Portal users the ability to create customized promotions for its LAPO’s wallet holder clients.

Coming in 2020